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Start your business as a mobile reseller that is branded all yours with zero investment.

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Professional usage of SMS messaging is being rapidly adopted by enterprises to market their products, services and their company as well. Notifying potential clients about the services and products of a company right on their mobile phone is best achieved with SMS messaging. This includes hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, colleges, and other institutions as well.

Being a reseller offers good opportunity for profits. It allows you to provide the same set of SMS services to your customers, while profiting from the margins on each SMS sent.

Become a reseller to any vertical segment in any country without ever having to write a single line of programming code, without the need to own and maintain servers, network operations crews or to know intricacies and administrative hurdles when dealing with wireless service providers.

The reseller advantage

The benefits of being a Reseller are:

  • No startup costs, server/hosting costs or purchase of license fees.
  • White-label (rebrand) the web site to your own domain name, looks, logos and graphics within minutes.
  • Acquire customers to your reseller site, and build loyalty to your own brand.
  • Create and manage accounts, credits and messaging rates of your customers.
  • Built-in Billing and Credit Card Integration.
  • We provide carrier grade technical support for smooth operations.


  • Sign up for an account at Hexadimensional.
  • Acquire a Sendername for your account.
  • Topup your account with credits.
  • Acquire a domain name from any online domain name seller.
  • Enable the rebranding settings on your account.
  • Specify any free test credits that you would like to provide to new subaccounts who sign up.
  • Point your domain to the site.
  • Rebrand your account with your logos and graphics by customizing your Template.
  • Upload web pages for the login page and pricing, etc.
  • Setup default price markups for new subaccounts.

To know more about our robust reseller solution coupled with the world's leading messaging platform!

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